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  1. The Oberoi Amarvilas
  2. Jaypee Palace Hotel
  3. Mughal Sheraton
  4. Trident Hilton Agra
  5. Taj View Hotel
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Asia Travel Overview

More than half of the world’s population live in Asia. And when you are travelling in the big urban areas of Asia, that is exactly the feeling you get: there are people everywhere. These people, their monuments, their culture and their habits are the exactly the reason why you want to come to Asia over and over again.

It was in Asia that overland travel got off to a nice start, with Hippies going from London to Australia. These strange birds opened the Orient for other travelers. And the ideal of life for a dollar a day on the shores of the Indian Ocean is still almost attainable on some of the quiet beaches.

Of course it is a huge area with a great variety of cultures that is covered by the term "Asia".

First there is the Middle East, covering the following countries: Syria, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Yemen, Turkey,

Bahrain, The United Arab Emirates and the Palestinian Authority.

With the exception of Israel, all of these countries are predominantly islamic.

Then there is Central Asia, with countries as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,

Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. With the exception of Iran all of these countries have a communist history they are putting behind them. All of them are muslim countries, except for Mongolia, which is Bhuddist.

South Asia consists of the Indian subcontinent. India itself is the main travel destination. From the Moghul heritage of the Taj Mahal to the erotic temples of Khajuraho, it is a country that will astonish you. Nepal has some of the best mountain scenery in the world ans is great fro trekking. The capital Kathmandu is also a real travel hangout. Pakistan maybe less popular with travelers but the north is extremely beautiful and taking the Karakoram highway to China is one of the most rewarding trips you can make.

In South-East Asia you will find:

Myanmar formerly known as Birma,

Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand

Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea the Philippines.

North-East Asia includes: China - a great destination, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong are mega cities that you can't afford to miss -

Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Taiwan. These countries with the exception of North Korea have managed to combine ultra modern techniques with old traditions. However, North Korea is only opening up to the outside world recently and at a very slow pace.


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